Happy Birthday Eqbal Zack (Giveaway)

| Sunday, 4 November 2012
"Hi everyone, November 12 is my birthday (boooo..hehe) and I'm going to turn 38! So, I wanted to share my birthday love with all of you guys out there! How about a “birthday” gift for Eqbal Zack (EZ) readers? I’m giving you all a chance to win something! Not to each and every one of you because I have only a limited amount of things to give..." Eqbalzack, November 2012

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan...
Ok korang nak hadiah kat atas tu? meh join GA dari blogger otai yang bakal ada Ph.D tahun depan insyaallah >_< ok klik sini: http://www.eqbalzack.com/2012/11/a-birthday-gift-for-eqbal-zack.html

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